The single most important thing that a cosmetic procedure consumer cares about is how they will look like after the cosmetic procedure is over.  More than medical school degrees, more than the marble flooring in the med spa, and more than the cosmetic clinic’s advertising.  In this age of Photoshop, many consumers honestly don’t believe most marketing now anyway.

Sensitive to this reality, the Angelic Lift has video-taped it’s patient’s live results without make up and in their undergarments (with their signed consent) to empower our potential consumers with the ability to judge for themselves if they want the results received by former Angelic Lift patients.  More to the point, how many clinics have so many former patients eager to film their before/after results on video and then give a testimonial to other women that educates them on the safer and most natural options for beauty through proven procedures?  Here are the visual examples of such compassionate patients who were not only happy for themselves but want other women to be happy after their own Angelic Lift procedures as well.