Question : What is the No-Cut Butt Lift?

Answer : The No-Cut Butt Lift is an exclusive non-invasive procedure we are now offering that allows you to enjoy perkier and smoother buttocks.

Question : So is this like the Brazilian Butt Lift that I see on TV?

Answer : No.  This procedure is non-invasive so there is no downtime.  You can go about your normal work week in between six sessions that last one hour per week for six consecutive weeks.  Furthermore, the natural and authentic final appearance of your buttocks is something that you can be proud of in a bikini or a thong.  Although most surgical Brazilian Butt Lifts look great in tight jeans, the heavily dimpled and uneven texture of the buttocks in a thong leave many former Brazilian Butt Lift patients unhappy.

Question : Ok, so what are you using to get these results if you are not doing surgery?

Answer : The tools of the No-Cut Butt Lift treatments entail the Syneron manufactured Velashape and E-Max platforms.  The Velashape facilitates body contouring by using Bipolar Radio Frequency to carry Intense Pulse Light painlessly through the skin to arrive at the body’s layer of subcutaneous fat.   At the same time we implement a combination of bi-polar radio frequency, intense pulse light, and suction to melt the fat pockets that make up the bumpy skin on your buttocks, we also re-position that semi-melted and malleable fat for a more appealing contour.  After these bumpy fat pockets are melted, you are left with a broken down liquefied fat that your body then disposes by urination or sweat.  As you can see when comparing Angelic Lift results on this page, the same equipment at other cosmetic clinics alone do not generate the same results.  The Angelic Lift protocols are responsible for the advanced aesthetic results.

Question : How long does it last?

Answer : With responsible diet and exercise and a follow up treatment every six months, the results can last for up to 5 years.

Question : How much is it?

Answer : You would have to come in for a free consultation to discuss pricing.  It is however cheaper than the Brazilian Butt Lift. 


The Intense Pulse Light (or IPL) portion of the Angelic No-Cut Face Lift and Angelic No-Cut Tummy Tuck procedures involve the use of light and bipolar radio frequency to perform three tasks for the patient.  

1) The first step of the Angelic Lift’s IPL process is to thermally bruise the scar tissue with the controlled light so as to force it to reproduce collagen on its own strength.  This process is repeated 6 times to ensure that the collagen reproduction occurs on the skin’s own power.

2) As the skin is being forced to heal itself and restore natural coloration to the stretch marked or C-section scar skin of the patient’s past pregnancies or cosmetic surgeries, the light and bipolar radio frequency also shrinks and smoothens the irregularly textured fat, skin, and raised scar tissue.  The combination of both processes allows for smaller, lighter, tighter, and smoother scarred skin without the need for surgery, downtime, or pain.

3) There are many lasers and IPLs that are designed to mechanically do the same things that I just explained.  The difference between those IPLs and the lasers / protocols that the Angelic Lift utilizes is the United States government trademarked tempo, pacing, power settings, and other protocols that ensure that the limit between light procedure that scars the skin and the light procedure that heals is rarely crossed.  This balance is born out of many years of research and development is why this protocol works so well on the very difficult to treat Fitzpatrick IV to VI skin types which melanin makes it very sensitive to hyper-pigmentation and keloid scarring under normal IPL and laser settings.  When the right balance is struck, even genetically easier to burn skin is able to be healed safely, scar-free, and without pain.