About Us

The Angelic Lift is the fruit of 10 years of research and development, consistent patient results, and compassionate innovation geared around getting the best result with the least health/disfigurement risk for the patient.  The Angelic Lift inventor and namesake, Angel Rodriguez, has spent the last decade as a medical consultant tirelessly developing cash-payer cosmetic business models, aesthetic protocols, and marketing campaigns for almost every type of medical specialty i.e., skin tightening and stretch mark reduction with HCG weight clinics, acne scar reduction in wellness clinics, No-Cut Butt Lifts with exercise-centric facilities, etc.


The many years that the Angelic Lift invested in making affordable and effective beauty accessible to women in different medical settings paid off in an encyclopedia of real time knowledge of what patients really want to see results-wise, exclusive trademarked aesthetic protocols, and extensive patient video library that documents how Angelic Lift patients actually look like without make up or a fancy production immediately after their procedures are completed.